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LALIT called a vigil to symbolize support for the Palestinian struggle and to make specific demands of the Mauritian Government. Just before the vigil which was on 10 August 2018, there was a gathering at the LALIT offices.

Panel of speakers at the LALIT Symposium on De-colonization: Anne-Marie Joly, Leo Couacaud, Rajni Lallah, and Lindsey Collen. (see News Item of 31 July 2018).

Big street demonstration in Port Louis organized by LALIT joint Committees with neighbourhood housing estate dwellers against Government not going ahead with demolition of asbestos housing and replacement with concrete houses, as promised several times. (See News article and videos and Documents Section).

Gathering in Company Gardens after peaceful march against asbestos housing on Friday 6 July 2018. Representatives of some 45 of the 59 housing estates concerned were present with banners. (See News article and videos and Documents Section).

LALIT demonstration in front of the anachronistic Queen Victoria statue at Government House opposite Place d Armes, the busiest intersection in Port Louis. Calling for the June 2018 budget to force bosses to invest in jobs in production and for Government to build housing for all -- as opposed to subsidizing cane and sugar as well as real estate scams.

Labour Day in 2018 was the 80th anniversary of the celebration in Mauritius. A photograph showing the first celebration.

LPT Building at Royal Rd GRNW, Port Louis, where LALIT has its headquarters.

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