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Alain Ah-Vee, a LALIT leader, speaking to journalists in front of the 11 person demonstration before June 2018 budget. LALIT members not in the eleven holding the banner, were distributing leaflets (see Documents Section). The repressive law, the Public Gathering Act, allows demonstrations of less than 12 people. So, in a way, this was an action against the law, too.

LALIT demonstration in front of the anachronistic Queen Victoria statue at Government House opposite Place d Armes, the busiest intersection in Port Louis. Calling for the June 2018 budget to force bosses to invest in jobs in production and for Government to build housing for all -- as opposed to subsidizing cane and sugar as well as real estate scams.

Labour Day in 2018 was the 80th anniversary of the celebration in Mauritius. A photograph showing the first celebration.

LPT Building at Royal Rd GRNW, Port Louis, where LALIT has its headquarters.

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